Wildflowers in the Dischma Valley

the middle valley of Davos

the middle valley of Davos

While staying in Gadenstattli, we drove down the mountain to hike along the Dischma Valley, one of the three valleys in Davos that run into the Engadin.  Beautiful Alpine wildflowers, fast-flowing waters, fir-covered slopes and even a mini-avalanche were some of the beauties we encountered.

The trail was easy, with the Dischma on one side and little streams rushing downhill on the other.

rushing stream

rushing stream

We did come across our own little avalanche, where snow had clearly tumbled down the mountainside and left debris behind.  We picked our way over it.

walking across the landslike - snow and debris

walking across the landslide – snow and debris

The views were spectacular yet again – the wide green valley and always the snow-covered mountains in the distance.DSC05697 IMG_20150527_124410(1)

We were happy hikers.  DSC05677 DSC05686

The wildflowers were spectacular – Mom would have loved it.  Judy did point out that at least I took photos rather than looking them up in a guidebook the way Mom had to – much quicker, though still a tad tedious for my fellow hikers.

The gem of them all were the gentians, a true Alpine species.  This is the bottle gentian.  DSC05656 Below is another variety.  Luckily I captioned it while I was still there and could remember!

gentiana verna L.

gentiana verna L.

DSC05653A lovely little purple number.

DSC05670Buttercups plus some pale cowslips, my faves.  I think this is primula veris.  I wish I could grow the candelabra variety, but my garden is too dry.

DSC05668Campanula rotundifolia, Swiss harebells

Petasites alba?

Petasites alba?

This is a wild and groovy flower.

DSC05675Another little beauty.

DSC05693This is a familiar flower that I just can’t place at the moment.

DSC05699Stone wall, ferns, and white wildflowers.



IMG_20150527_145638(2)Shockingly, Silla said we could pick the wildflowers, so we did.  Some, especially the yellow anemones, she took back to place on her mother’s grave in the Waldfriedhof, a post-World War I cemetery that is also a national monument.DSC05702This beautiful cemetery was heavily planted with huge, serene larches.DSC05701A truly beautiful place.

We also took some flowers back to Gadenstattli to decorate the table.  DSC05703(1)A beautiful hike with my dear sisters.

where we could go, and where we will go

where we could go, and where we will go

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