Oh, my, Obbermutten!


Judy, Biffy and Silla at Obermutten

From here we had one more stop, but what a stop it was!  Silla turned the car to the left off the main road and we began a steady ascent up the side of a mountain. We went up switchback after switchback, always thinking we must be there but always going farther up.  Finally the paved road became a dirt road, and still we went up.  We came to Mutten, but no, we were heading to Obermutten, so still we went upward. At LONG last, we reached the top. IMG_20150524_172615 IMG_20150524_173116It was chilly up here, and         we even found some snow nestled in a few low spots.

We entered the small wooden church IMG_20150524_173128and enjoyed its simple interior.

IMG_20150524_173254We took in the views and the fresh, cold air and walked down the hill a bit to see whether we could see the valley where we started from – almost! IMG_20150524_173724

The grass was sprangled with wildflowers growing despite the snow.  IMG_20150524_173707 IMG_20150524_173650

This was an amazing experience.  Silla was a sure-footed driver who never lost her nerve (though I would have many times over).  Here are a couple videos to give you a sense of the height, the views, and the bends.  Wow.

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