Some birds but more flowers

Four of us set out this morning for a bit of birding along the Oued Ksob (Ksob River) before setting out for Marrakesh.  We stopped for a coffee first – there is no such thing as a latte to go, of course!  We ordered cafe noir which I will now remember means espresso.  Yum!!

As you can see from this sign, great things were promised at our birding site.  Birding spot (tho we saw none of these)

Of course, just getting out is always good, so no matter that none of the above were in evidence.  Instead, we saw the common bulbul (very chatty), a grey heron in the river, and Moussier’s redstart and a few others.  Nothing extraordinary but all life birds for me.

Walking back from the high banks of the river, Oued Kosbour eyes were caught by wildflowers.  Thistle, obviously, thistleand then this yellow hummingbird flower, DSC02292something that might be Gerbera daisies, DSC02293and some pretty purple flowers.  On one shrub I saw what I thought was a calcified flower of some sort.  Not!  It was a land snail.  The first picture shows empty shells on the ground, the second a snail still attached to a stem.

tree snails on the ground tree snail on a treeWe came home well pleased with our early morning venture.

One response to “Some birds but more flowers

  1. You have seen birds I want to see!

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