Morocco – the latest adventure

I’m heading to Morocco on just a week’s notice, thanks to a lucky break (for me).  One of the eight people signed up for this adventure had to bow out a week ago, and after some dithering I decided that I would say YES TO LIFE and go.  Pluses:  I have a current passport and a forgiving boss.  Challenges:  I have no map (hope to get one there) and only a week to bone up on a completely new culture.

Of course, as always the day before a trip, I am filled with anxiety, about those I’m leaving behind and about what I’ll encounter in the next two weeks.  (Everyone warns me not to let the camel spit on me, so it must be a thing.)  But I know from experience that once I get on the plane, even just from National to JFK, let alone Royal Moroccan Air to Casablanca, I’ll be just fine.  I can’t think of a better situation than this one – traveling to a new culture where I know only one of the two languages with my sister, my brother-in-law, and two people who grew up in Morocco.  It’s going to be great!  (That funny noise you hear is just my teeth chattering.)


p.s. To see the shared blog our group created, go here.

3 responses to “Morocco – the latest adventure

  1. You ARE very lucky and will have a marvelous time with your cheerful nature in hand. Eager to read about your travels!

  2. I think it is really hilarious that you haven’t had time to absorb tomes and tomes about Morocco. How will you handle being so adrift??

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