Cherry Tree Festival in Fredericksburg

The cherry blossoms were late this year, at least, later than the poor organizers of the DC festival predicted.  Here at home, you just walk around and eventually the blossoms pop.  Here’s the Fredericksburg festival, which lasted from  April 8 through the 12th.  It wasn’t helped by the typical April week in the 80s, followed by a strong morning rain.IMG_20130408_082622_929The cherry trees lining Lewis Street, looking back towards Caroline Street.

Next come cherries and weeping cherries in the neighborhood, snapped during an early morning walk.

IMG_20130410_071502_853 IMG_20130410_071529_531 IMG_20130410_071549_594 IMG_20130410_071615_466 Finally, the blossoms on Lewis Street plastered on the windshield during the rain, and the last blossoms stuck to my car that afternoon.



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