And so it begins

It being spring, of course.  Things have speeded up in the last week.  I pruned the Annabelle hydrangea one day, and two days later the buds had turned into leaves.  Gone for two days, I returned to find the red fern has gone from a tiny speck of green to six-inch-high fronds.  And then came a visit to Roxbury Mills to pick up some Plant-tone, and look what happened.

DSC00958In my defense, let it be said that I had been contemplating autumn ferns to go in front of one of the trellises, so when I saw these I couldn’t resist.  And then the geranium macrorrhizum which is not that easy to find for all that Margaret Roach touts it.  These are ‘Bevan’s Variety.’  The white caladiums and the delicately edged coleus were there, too, so I grabbed them up before they sold out.  Along with the light green sweet potato, they will go into containers.  So in fact, it was all planned and must be in the budget!

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