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You’ll Never Guess What I Saw


Snowberry_clearwing_HemarisI came home for lunch the other day and saw this incredible creature feeding on the blue columbines.  It was the size of a hummingbird, nowhere near as quick, but still fast-moving. Its golden body glowed in the sunlight.  It turns out it’s a hummingbird moth. Truly amazing.

You can learn more about them here, thanks to the USDA. Hope I see one again!

Farewell to Brood II

The cicadas were everywhere for a while, and then one day I realized that I could barely hear them any more.  What they left behind were their shells, the skins they slid out of after emerging from underground to enjoy their brief lives on top of the earth.

DSC00973 Are these alive or dead??DSC00974Of course, they made a lot of noise, as I posted back in May.  Here’s another video capturing the cacophony, this time in the shade garden.

Now all that’s left are their shells

more cicada shells

and a few wings: DSC01167See you again in 2030.