A Windy day in Amsterdam

It was so windy when we tried to land that the pilot was forced to go in a circle and try again from a different angle. But we’re here! We have a week in Amsterdam and then a week in Paris. On the agenda: art, art, art, and lots of walking and good food.

The apartment is really perfect. We were afraid that it would be too small – one bedroom and a tiny kitchen and bathroom – but in real life it’s fine. The bed is huge, but there’s an option to use the sofabed in the living room if we need to. Clean, simple, efficient, attractive and altogether delightful. A fancy coffee machine, similar to this model,

made coffee-making a breeze. Plus our host, Sebastian, is well-organized and friendly and encouraged us to call him if we need help; he has an apartment just upstairs.

Today was napping interspersed with a few errands. We went out for lunch at a friendly spot in Haarlemmerplein, aka Haarlem Square, enjoying an omelet on crusty bread (me) and fried eggs on crusty bread (AO).

The owner was quite friendly and marveled, as we did, at the ferocious winds. Thank goodness the sun was out and the temps were in the mid-40s, otherwise it would have felt like the Arctic!

We found the stop for our tram to the Rijksmuseum tmorrow, stocked up on cereal, fruit, cheese, crackers, and wine, plus interesting salads from a place right on the square, De Deli Haarlemmerbuurt, that also offers quiche and sandwiches.

That’s tonight’s dinner sorted. The rest of the time we ignored the beautiful surroundings and unpacked, napped some more, figured out the wifi, and did all the things you can just about manage to do after jet lag. Onward!

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