Summer seeds

Just a quick note to self about summer seeds sown to date:

  • Black-eyed Susan vine ‘African Sunset’ on the trellis against the shed (also dug up quite a few hellebores there which have self-seeded with abandon, passed on a few to Ann), hoping that they will do as well in part sun as in part shade
  • Zinnia ‘White Star’ and ‘Oklahoma Mix’ in the raised bed and in the sunny bed (the latter do not seem to be coming up)
  • Zinnia ‘Violet Queen’ passed on from the Master Gardeners, also slow to come up or perhaps not going to
  • Marigold ‘Gem Mixture’ in the raised bed, ditto
  • Basil ‘Genovese’ in the raised bed
  • Morning Glory ‘Heavenly Blue’ on the mailbox trellis
  • ‘Purity White’ Cosmos near the Souvenir de Ste. Anne rose
  • Cornflower ‘Black Ball’ that I sowed just for fun, since the seed is pretty old.  Lo and behold, I now have two clumps!  A very striking color.  It seems they need to be staked since they are quite tall and are now flopping.  They’re a cut and come again flower, so I may cut one of them way back and see how it does.  Here it is about a month ago.cornflower 'black ball'
  • Shirley Poppy in the sunny bed (white, rose, pink, coral) sown in late winter and blooming now! 


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