On the way to Hampton

For the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival, about which more later.  I stopped in Colonial Williamsburg at the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Museum to see a small collection of African-American quilts on display there.  I caught the very tail end of an informative tour, given every Friday morning, and since the exhibit will be there for some time to come, it would be well worth a return trip.

There were several Gee’s Bend quilts, some gorgeous scrap quilts, and two applique quilts that I adored.  DSC06776The lighting was horrible for pictures, but you get the drift.  Below is a log cabin done in beautiful silks and cottons.


All the fabrics!

alphabet quilt


An alphabet applique quilt.  The initials and date at the bottom right helped to attribute it to quilter Doris Smith.


Above and below is an applique quilt featuring tree blocks surrounded by animals, people, airplanes and other idiosyncratic elements.  Below are Davy Crockett, a beaver, and an airplane.  DSC06782

This one features angels, birds, flowers, people and everything from shade pulls to embroidery, yarn, and assorted scraps to decorate her top.   DSC06784DSC06785

The two girls pictured here are thought to be dead in part because they are white.  I would love to know what this quilter would have said about her creation.

From here I moved into another gallery that features just a few masterpiece quilts from the Winchester, VA, quilter whose work is also included in the DAR museum.  A totally different look at applique, piecing and quilting from Amelia Lauck.  Lauck applique

Then the icing on the cake:  an incredible embroidered counterpane showing a battle scene.  Tradition says it’s from the Civil War, but historians date is as being much earlier.  Just look at the uniforms!  And the  gorgeous embroidered trees!  counterpane

More details here:  DSC06789 - CopyDSC06788

Highly recommended!

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