Roses Without Chemicals

rosesAuthor Peter E. Kukielski used to be in charge of the Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Rose Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and before that he ran a rose garden design business, so he knows what he is talking about.  (Plus, Martha Stewart blurbs this on the cover.)

This book focuses on what he calls “millennial roses,” that is, roses that reflect the new millennium’s interest in gardening without chemical sprays and poisons.  He offers a good overview of rose care, but even better is the list of 150 roses that meet his criteria of disease resistance and good flowering.

Each entry features a gorgeous photo, plus a rating for blooms, disease resistance, and fragrance. He also indicates where they are best sited (front or back of border, in a container, etc.) and what other roses work well with the rose in question.

All this info, combined with a list of roses for various areas of the country, make this a go-to book when selecting roses.

As for me, I never can decide and, more to the point, have no place to put one unless I move some things around or expand the sunny bed.  BUT if I ever get to the decision point, this is the book I’ll look for.

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