Slash and burn

Well, I don’t have to be that drastic, but there is certainly good reason to divide and move these perennials come fall.

DSC03638The hellebores are so happy in my garden that they’ve gotten too big for their britches and are overpowering the space.  I think they are easy to divide and probably take it in stride.  They have also self-sown like crazy, and it’s time to transplant the babies.  I think the walkway garden could use a few.  Maybe just pot up the rest and offer them to anyone who’s interested.

DSC03634I have struggled with this shrub border, and here is a photo showing it at its worst.  The ‘Annabelle’ hydrangea is thriving, but the autumn ferns in front of it have gotten way too big.  I did plant a few in front of the trellis but they seem to have been overtaken by the daffodil foliage and are looking a bit weak.  Not quite sure where to place them.  And that iris should move, too – I like its leaves contrasting with the shrubs but it’s gotten too big.

Then there are the shrubs in front.  The baptisia and the amsonia are way too big for the front garden, so it’s time to move them, too.  But where?  Well, if they can take part sun, even less than they have now, maybe this vast wasteland?DSC03671

This is taken from the least flattering angle possible – the trellis hides the compost pile from view and I’m rarely standing right here to see the mess.  But the weeds in the middle of this photo, between the compost pile and the wood pile, could perhaps be replaced by some amsonia, which is beautiful in spring, then dull all summer and then glows with yellow foliage in the fall.  A good filler.

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