Working on the weekend

Four days in a row, and the most spectacular weather, meant there were no excuses for not getting into the garden. In no particular order:

  • re-edged the back garden, laying down landscape cloth, re-positioning the rocks, and re-mulching
  • edged and weeded the back corner garden and laid mulch – next, to move the volunteer black-eyed Susans toward the back of the bed and continue weeding, also prune the forsythiaDSC03636
  • planted containers, which is not my strength despite knowing the mantra of thrillers, spillers and fillersDSC03633
  • weeded the sunny bed, edged and mulched – the morning glory is a particularly vigorous variety that self-sows everywhere, this fall be sure to cut it back before it goes to seed
  • Planted the following annuals:  Lemon Gem marigold, Tithonia ‘Torch,’ and cornflower ‘Emperor William’ in the sunny bed, hoping at least a few will take


Still to do:  plant nicotiana seed in the terrace beds, plant vines around mailbox and in front of rose(-less) trellis, clean up mailbox bed, plus a ton of other things too numerous to mention.  There is one more day to the weekend, so there’s hope!

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