Success on the coastal path

After our disastrous morning, I decided to try yet again for the coastal path. My original plan was to take the bus to Pentraeth and walk back to Moelfre, but  I was scarred by the morning and decided to keep it simple, just walking out the door and taking the path out of Moelfre and back again.
It turned out to be a sparkling afternoon, in contrast to the cloudy, humid morning.  I set off on the path right from the middle of town, first paved and then graveled, and clearly marked.  Moelfre Island loomed just offshore, DSC01500home to cormorants, who all seemed to live on the left hand side, and gulls, tucking their heads under their wings on the right hand side.  As the path went along, the cliffs revealed wonderful geological formations. DSC01502DSC01515Wild flowers of all kinds were everywhere (time to consult the booklet on coastal wildflowers for identification).
Then, after a walk along the edge of a field and through a narrow way bordered by high hedges,DSC01514 the most amazing beach was revealed.  DSC01506Traeth Lligwy at low tide is a huge expanse of sand, dotted this afternoon with maybe half a dozen people.  I made my way down some steep stone steps to the strand.  Rippled sand, pools of water reflecting blue sky and the sun on the wet beach were hypnotic.  What a treat to find this!

Reluctantly, I reversed direction and enjoyed the walk back just as much.  I took a short detour, climbing over a stile and up a path to the monument to the victims of the Royal Charter.  DSC01516This was a famous shipwreck, written about by Charles Dickens, who visited a few days after the rescue, and the site of a similar shipwreck 100 years later almost to the day.  A statue in Moelfre commemorates the coxswain who rescued so many people back in 1959.  Both events obviously loom large in the minds and hearts of the locals, for good reason.
Home in time for dinner, this time lamb steaks and this delicious salad, ;both made by Alison.  A very nice end to an up and down day!

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