Along the walkway garden I planted White Flower Farm’s (100) Daffodils and (50) Daylilies mix.  The results, too, have been mixed.  Neither one seems to have filled the space sufficiently.  In fact, I can’t find a photo of the way it looks in spring, so it clearly isn’t memorable then, though it’s pleasant enough.  But I have enjoyed the daylilies and now need to edit them.

The first to bloom was one I had planted in addition to the mix.  ‘Strawberry Candy’ is widely touted, but I’m not crazy about it.Strawberry Candy day lily - first to bloomBicolors  – meh.  Maybe planted en masse, they would look  better.

I’m drawn to either pastels or deep colors.  Here is a lovely pale apricot.

DSC01155But the muddy purples below are really not to my taste (though I will say that they are not quite that purple IRL).DSC01156 DSC01157This dark one above appeals to me, but I really swoon over these dark reds.gorgeous daylily DSC01178Then, of course, there are the double orange ones from Aunt Betsy.  They spread slowly but reliably and fill in the gaps.double orange daylilyThe butterflies do love them.butterfly

Along the fence in back I have a few pale yellows, possibly ‘Hyperion,” which I should transplant and/or order more of for this border.  It’s at its height around the  Fourth of July, so (note to self) could use more late-blooming varieties.  Here’s a look on July 7th.  Thank you, Anne Little, for suggesting that I transplant the balloon flowers here.  Their spikes of blue and white are the right height for the space and a terrific foil for the aucuba and the yellow-orange daylilies.walkway garden in bloom

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