May garden delights

It’s been a cool, wet spring, and right now everything looks delicious.  August will come soon enough, but for now, enjoy these delights.

These tulips, IMG_20130508_072928_794whose name I don’t have to hand, were gorgeous and blowsy and beaten down by the rain.
The oak tree garden is gradually coming to the end of its flowering and will soon become a sea of greens.  But there are a few more highlights before it’s over.  Here is the Jack-in-the-pulpit from Becky, and the Japanese roof irises, last to bloom.DSC00963Japanese roof irises signal the end of the blooming under the oak tree

Rhododendron ‘Caroline’ finally demonstrated why people rave about her.  I was convinced to try her because of the rave review from the late, somewhat lamented Carroll Gardens man:

There is no better Rhododendron than the Caroline. When it blooms in late spring beautiful clusters of blush orchid-toned flowers will cover the evergreen foliage, a display that will take your breath away. Not only pleasing to the eye, the subtle fragrance will lightly perfume your entire garden, a feature that you will surely enjoy while walking through your garden or having coffee on your porch. The clusters make perfect cut flowers and with such an abundance of blooms, there will be plenty to go around without losing any beauty in your garden. Even when not in bloom, the dense, evergreen deep green foliage will give a wonderful background for the rest of your garden or provide needed privacy.

Well, it has languished in my garden, but I was convinced to keep it on when I met people at the 2012 Philadelphia Flower Show who knew the gardener ‘Caroline’ was named for and raved about it.  This single bloom, first since I planted it in 2007!, persuades me not to give up on her.Rhododendron CarolineNeed more native columbinesAbove is the native columbine, nothing so special but, on the other hand, so airy and delicate that I want to add more to the oak tree garden.

By the terrace is this trio of stripy things, which I like to think I planned – but knowing the kind of gardener I am, I’m inclined to think it might have just happened.Yipes, stripes

One response to “May garden delights

  1. Never give up on anything named “Caroline”! It is beautiful like its gardener…..

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