Shocking Beauty

shocking_beautyThomas Hobbs’s earlier (1999) book, just like the Jewel Box Garden, relies heavily on gorgeous photographs and bold statements.  He’s a strong believer in bold colors, carefully curated, and is not afraid to add colors where they are needed – maybe a touch of glitter glue on your grass plumes?  Or this: “In late fall I like to spray paint these [E. agavifolium] with unusual colours as they stand in the garden, using automotive touch-up paints in metallic gun-metal shades.  Why not?”

Why not, indeed?  As he says, “‘No risk’ means ‘No art.'”

As to the plants, he is still wild about diascias, recommends verbascums for color accents (they should do well in the sunny garden), uses Rhodochiton atrosanguineum in containers and relies on Osmocote 14-14-14 time-release fertilizer for all of his containers and annuals.

Highly recommended for inspiration.

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