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Blogging about our wonderful trip to Italy and Slovenia seems to have worn me out, but I’m back with some notes on spring.  After our return from Death Valley on March 29th (a blog post for another day), I ventured out to find some forsythia to force.  None too soon, since a week later it’s in bloom outdoors.Forcing forsythia

Another indoor project is starting dahlias.  I ordered a selection of pinks from McClure & Zimmerman that will go in the pink garden near the Anthony Waterer spirea.  Varieties are Otto’s Thrill, Park Princess, Lambada and three Fascinations.  They arrived at the very last minute, the afternoon before we were to leave for Death Valley, so I hurriedly swung into action.  I planted them in a mixture of half vermiculite and half potting soil, in pots that are barely big enough – those tubers are long.  Watered, waited, and two weeks later actually looked up how to start them. It turns out they need to be covered up and watered sparingly.  Trying again, I added more mixture, watered just a bit and am now hoping they will take off.  Here’s the experiment.  dahlia projectNo signs of growth yet, but just you wait.

Outside, today is a good day to observe my favorite signs of spring, the plants that are just barely coming in to bud.  From top to bottom:  akebia leaves, buds of Lady Jane tulips, hellebore almost in bloom, and bluebells just leaves on akebia specie tulip almost in flower bluebells in bud

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