The New Encyclopedia of Hostas

I’ve relied for several years on the “Timber Press Pocket Guide to Hostas,” which I now see is by the same authors as this handsome new update of an earlier title.  The pocket guide has “only” 800 listed, whereas this comprehensive new compendium must include every hosta known to the gardening world.  With an intro by the Prince of Wales and an extensive cultivation guide in addition to the detailed listing of varieties, this may be one of those books I borrow so often that I finally break down and buy.  Highly recommend.

Meanwhile, in Googling about I discovered that Diana Grenfell is the co-founder of the British Hosta and Hemerocallis Society.   The Society is full of helpful tips to “ensure that your plant remains resplendent throughout the growing season.”  Various garden tours and meetings are also on offer.

Shifting your attention from hostas to day lilies, take a look at Hemerocallis ‘Diana Grenfell.’  I love the richly colored dark daylilies but I can’t tell if this is more purple or bronze.  In her honor, I might just have to plant one regardless.

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