First flowers and onion snow

Catching up to the fastest spring I’ve ever seen –  temps in the 70’s and 80’s for days at a stretch in February, followed by a few days that plunged into the 30’s.  Spring is usually changeable, but this year it was late winter that gave us screwy weather.  Everything seems to be blooming at once.

February brings the early bulbs, in my case the sea of winter aconite (thanks, Mom) and snowdrops under the oak tree.

Lots of tommie crocuses under the maple this year, and I’m growing to love them.  These cream-colored crocuses are another delight.  This warm, chalky light yellow is one of my favorites and seems to blend with everything in the garden.

Finally, success with crested iris!  I think these were a bonus sent with my McClure and Zimmerman order.  They don’t last long, but they are beautiful.  Need more.

The hellebores have been magnificent this year.  Here are a few.

I seem not to have kept good records on the varieties, so not sure what this is.  Sometimes the white ones are my favorites…

Other times it’s the purple ones.

The first daffodils are these by the shed door, no idea what kind.

And then we had an onion snow on February 12th, one of the few snows we had this season.  I read somewhere that we had only 1/10 of an inch all winter!Pretty while it lasted, but it was gone by noon.

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