New Year’s Day reading

My shelf of unread gardening books from the library is getting too big, so I plucked one at random and read through it this afternoon.  Schneider is clearly knowledgeable and very helpful, especially if you garden in Zone 5 (which I don’t).  But he does pay attention to how drought-proof roses are as well as other attributes that help you to choose the right rose.  I’ve made note of three:  Belle  Story, 4×4;






Mary Rose, a  four-foot drought-tolerant variety;







and Queen Mother, a container rose that tolerates partial shade (front steps?).




The idea is to place a small rose in the new front garden bed, but I also like the idea of putting the Queen Mother by the front door.  Will I follow through? Only time will tell…

One response to “New Year’s Day reading

  1. Dad the Anglophile would approve of a rose called Queen Mother.

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