Goodnight, Irene

Hurricane Irene stormed through on Saturday, leaving 3 1/4 inches of rain in her wake and a lot of debris in the garden.  Here’s a glimpse of Irene in action.

(The table did not blow over, we set it upside down to save it.)

Mostly twigs and small branches, a mess to clean up but not too terrible.

The real damage came from the intense thunderstorm on Thursday evening, which left this tree blocking three-quarters of the road.  By this morning (Sunday post-Irene) someone had moved it into the driveway.

It’s bright and sunny now, actually so hot that I couldn’t bring myself to mow the lawn, which needs it badly.  If I can muster up the strength, I’ll do some more cleanup in back.  Next weekend I will HAVE to chip and shred, or else haul it all to the dump.

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