Friday in the Garden

Maggie invited us to motor out to her house in the country, where four of us enjoyed a delicious lunch, good company and a stroll through her gardens and down to the pond.  What fun!  Thanks, Maggie!

Working garden AND work of art

We were just in time to see the last of the tree peony blooms.

The clematis is gorgeous!

John's vegetable garden is all about fertility.

Evening primrose?

What the beaver has wrought

Blue-eyed grass (squint to get it into focus)

Dragonfly hovering over the pond

Dog rose or blackberry?

The spirit of the place

2 responses to “Friday in the Garden

  1. Experience captured! Thank you for chronicling our walks through life, dear Caro. May we explore many more gardens together.

  2. Caro! What fun! Thank you for documenting a glourious day with my best CRRL pals!! We’ll do it again!

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