Progress on the sunny border

It’s planted out with everything I had planned, and then a few more.  The latest additions are a few plants from WFF:  a tiny little Asclepias incarnata Cinderella that is barely worth the price (though I have high hopes for its future); an Achillea filipendulina Gold Plate that should add some dancing yellow color near the edge of the border; and an Echinops ritro ruthenicus (known to most of us as globe thistle) with its jagged leaves and architectural height.  Here’s someone else’s  picture of it.

Here’s a look a the border today:  still pretty puny but everything is growing and thriving.  The grass at the bottom of the picture is pennisetum (fountain grass).  The butterfly bush from my neighbor anchors the top.  I still have high hopes for a late summer mass of tall flowering plants in shades of blue, yellow and pink.

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