Tulip trials

Emma Townshend recommended this elegant mixture, dubbed “In the still of the night,” in an article last fall.  I put them in a less-than-elegant spot, at the end of my raised vegetable bed, but I’m happy with the combination.  It’s time now to pull them all out and save them in the garden for next year.

One response to “Tulip trials

  1. Here’s a suggestion for companion plantings, from a different ET article: “Wakehurst also has more formal delights: head for the mansion, and the walled Sir Henry Price garden is a jewel. The original cutting garden for the grand house, it is now planted with a series of dark tulips in mauves, pinks and lilacs, growing above purple sage, wine-coloured Sambucus and dark bronzey penstemon leaves (“Husker Red”).”

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